M&E Trends

Randomised Control Trials

Randomised control trials (RCT) are often referred to as the ‘gold standard’ in quantitative experimental research design. An RCT is a particular way of evaluating the effects of an intervention, project or aid programme that allows researchers to determine whether changes recorded at the end of...


Monitoring and Evaluation Software

There is plenty of very useful M&E software for use in International Development. Some programs are free and others you have to pay for. The price shown is an approximate and indicative price as the exact price depends on region, number of users, level of software, annual or perpetual and...


Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost benefit is a tool we will be using more as a method of assessing the relationship from an economic point of view between the costs incurred and benefits accrued from making a certain investment.The costs and benefits may also include social and environmental costs and benefits, but must be...


Impact Investing Entrepreneurs

Individuals we interact with in the world of impact investing are often different from those traditionally working in international development whether in NGOs or development agencies. To understand the types of entrepreneurs, it is vital to understand the objectives which drive their actions....


Measuring Impact Investing

Impact investing has two primary goals: To earn a financial return as in any other conventional investment To make an impact on the economic, social, or environmental level Therefore, it is essential to set up goals, against which future performance can be assessed. Care should be taken to...


Monitoring and Evaluation Top 10 Trends for 2018

Monitoring and Evaluation Top 10 Trends for 2018 David Hearle our world leading M&E specialist lists the top trends for Monitoring and Evaluation in International Development in 2018. Technology, greater private sector involvement and need for donors to justify investment in overseas aid are...