There is plenty of very useful M&E software for use in International Development. Some programs are free and others you have to pay for.

The price shown is an approximate and indicative price as the exact price depends on region, number of users, level of software, annual or perpetual and the type of organisation.The price given is the lower end of the scale for limited users. The price shown is calculated for the first year.

Below is an A - Z list of software that M&E professionals will find useful. This covers all uses not just data collection and includes some commercial software that can be useful for some things we need to do. The pros and cons are not given and it is suggested you check out reviews for those of interest.

An issue is where a donor funded project uses a paid for software and then after the project completes there are no funds for the subscription. Open source M&E software that is free does not incur additional running costs but often involves more skilled IT expertise to set up.

In choosing software the paid for service does come with support and set up to be easy to use. Prices do vary a lot so is best to compare them all and select one that works for your situation. A free trial is often a good way to test.

Activity Info
Humanitarian project monitoring tool. Free for up to 10 users.

Powerful software for collection of data using a smart phone and mapping. Good for online reporting and data sharing. $5000/year

ArcGIS provides contextual tools for mapping and spatial reasoning. Price on demand.

Qualitative data analysis. $1290

Simple way to design good documents and useful for producing diagrams when finalising a monitoring or evaluation reports. $150

Develop Theories of Change. $345

Create mind maps. $60

A powerful mobile data collection platform. $3000

A powerful data management system with tools to streamline publishing, sharing, finding and using data. Free.

The Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro) produced by the US Census Bureau. A powerful program for entering, editing, tabulating, and disseminating census and survey data. Used worldwide for major surveys, censuses and household income expenditure surveys. Free.

A cross-platform app for analysing qualitative and mixed methods research with text, photos, audio, videos, spreadsheet data and more. $168.

Do View
Visualise outcomes and drawing road maps and Theory of Change diagrams. $199

Dev Results
Specially designed for the international development community includes M&E, mapping, budgeting, checklists, forms, and collaboration facilities. Price on demand.

Build and present program logic models that you can interact with. Free.

Echo Mobile
Echo Mobile offers a mobile platform that has a range of offerings including data collection, field reporting, data visualisation and communications. $600.

Epi Collect
A web and mobile app for the generation of forms and hosted websites to store and display data. Developed by Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Imperial College London. Free.

Epi Info

Epi Info provides data entry form and database construction, a customized data entry experience, and data analyses with epidemiologic statistics, maps, and graphs for public health professionals. Free.

Ethno Corder
A mobile multimedia survey software for your iPhone. Price on demand.

Fieldata for online storage and processing of a variety of data with mobile data collection. Free trial and costs then quoted.

First Mile Geo
Conducts surveys and site assessments through web or mobile. Monitor implementation and conduct impact evaluations and risk management. Price on demand.

Form Site
Builds forms for numerous applications not just M&E. $168.

Freedom Fone
Freedom Fone is free and open source software that enables you to create and share audio content using Interactive Voice Response (IVR), voicemail and SMS. Free.

Automatic SMS message building system. $300

Google Charts
Charts for websites. Free.

Google Forms
Create a full range of forms. Free.

Google Drive sheets
Make graphs and charts from data for use on website. Free.

Open source spreadsheet. Free.

Management and reporting software for Not-for-profits. Price on demand.

A communication system using SMS. Price on demand.

Keyword coding, mind-mapping tools, theory building and more. $999

Iform Builder
A mobile data collection application. $2500

To enable reporting against the Logical Framework. Free.

Survey software. Price on demand.

Kobo Toolbox
Data collection, analysis and management. Free.

Libre office
Open source documentation system. Free.

Survey software. $400

Software built for M&E of development projects. Price on demand.

A project management application for projects based on the logical framework. Free.

Drawing flow charts. $60

Mobile data collection and visualisation. $6000

Statistical software. $1595

Adaptive software for conservation projects. $300

Multi level modelling. Price on demand.

Data collection and presentation for water projects. Price on demand.

M&E reporting system designed for International Development projects. Price on demand.

Powerful software for qualitative data analysis. Price on demand.

For drawing diagrams and flow charts. $99

Online Exam Builder
If you have to set up tests as part of M&E training. $240

Open Data Kit
A significant and easy to use software for data collection on Android phones. Free.

Open Refine
A tool for working with messy data. Free.

Open Street Map
A mapping service with data on and editable. Free.

Pendragon Forms
Form design. $480

Mobile forms and data collection. $120

Surveys, polls and quizzes. $200

A powerful GIS system able to produce many variations of data on maps. Free.

Survey software with lots of options. Used by companies. $144.

Rapid SMS
SMS communication system. Free.

Building and managing online surveys and databases. Price on demand.

Resource Map
Software for tracking resources. Free.

Links micro-narratives with human sense-making to create advanced decision support, research and monitoring capability in both large and small organisations. Price on demand.

Data collection tool. Price on demand.

Survey software. Price on demand.

The leading statistical software. $948.

Data analysis software. $695.

Stata is a statistical software package for data analysis, data management, and graphics. $1200.

Survey Monkey
Very popular survey collection software. $408/.

Survey CTO
Offline or online data collection. $1188/.

Offline data collection and management designed for international development projects. $720.

Survey software. Price on demand.

Connecting monitoring, planning, and knowledge management. Price on demand.

Taro Works
Data collection and management. $5004.

Software to create a Theory of Change. $60.

Tola Data
M&E platform to create data-driven impact. Price on demand.

Vizualize Free
Data preparation and visualisation. Price on demand.

Software to draw visualisations. Could be used for Theory of Change diagrams. Free.

Web Mo
M&E reporting software. $1380.

A diagram editor to generate drawings of diagrams.Free.