Assessment for Certificate of Competence in Monitoring and Evaluation

Just want to be assessed then this is the option for you!

This option is designed for those who are competent in monitoring and evaluation and ready to be assessed. It does not include any mentoring or help. If you want help and mentoring please register for our full course.

Stage 1: Complete the Monitoring and Evaluation Competence Map and submit.

Stage 2: Complete a personalised online test. Score well and we move to the next phase. Not so well we will send another one or more tests.

Stage 3: We now look at evidence. This can take many forms and includes work place evidence, references, completion of exercises, case studies and a dialogue by email or video.

Stage 4: We issue your certificate of competence!

Pricing is by month so the quicker you progress the cheaper it is. We will not the slow the process down and so up to you.

Your Instructor

David Hearle
David Hearle

David is very well recognised in international development with 36 years’ experience in much of Africa, Asia, South Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

This has involved working as Project Director, Team Leader, Consultant and Trainer in 30 countries for many of the UN agencies, World Bank, EU, ADB, FAO, numerous bilateral donors, including DFID, SDC, GTZ, DFAT, and many national and international NGOs, numerous National Governments and large corporations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge by month?
To make it fair for all we charge assessment by the month. So the faster you go the cheaper it is. And also means those who are ready will pay less. You can take a break if you want.

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