The M&E for Development Professionals Club is a comprehensive resource of M&E materials and learning aids to help you in your work.. Further it is a network that connects via the associated linked in group with the same name..

Why Join?

The M&E for Development Professionals Club provides you with full access to extensive resources on M&E.

Even better all that you get if you do any of the courses join the club is PROVIDED as part of your membership.

And if you want to obtain a Certificate of Competence in M&E for International Development this is available to club members as part of the membership, normally $150!

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Pay an ongoing monthly fee to access the M&E for Development Professionals Club

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If some reason you cannot pay by credit card please contact us directly and we will send you details for a bank transfer adn set you up that way.

Membership Help and Payments

If you want to pay by bank transfer, western union or paypal please email us at

[email protected]

What is included?

  1. Free access to Certificate in M&E Course
  2. Readers on all aspects of M&E
  3. Templates you can use
  4. Training materials you can use for running your own M&E courses
  5. Comments on posts made in M&E for Development Professionals Linked in group
  6. Certificate of Competence in M&E
  7. 7. Private Facebook page with access to other members and support from David Hearle and other mentors.

M&E Competence

Free use of the M&E Competence Map